CodeQue beta release

CodeQue beta release

June 11, 2022
That’s first CodeQue product update!

That’s first CodeQue update sent via newsletter.
That’s because this week first 4 subscribers decided to join my CodeQue journey 🥳
It’s really amazing for me that you people found my work interesting!
I’m really happy to have you onboard 😊
With 0 subscribers I didn’t have motivation to write any updates. Now I have!

Beta release

I’ve decided to release beta version of the tool to NPM so you guys can be the first using it!
The “official” release will be probable by the end of June along with the publication of source code on Github.
I have to do some cleanup, you know 😂
Anyway, grab the link to beta release!
PS If you spot any bugs, please let me know via email or DM on Twitter.

How to use it?

Just follow the installation instructions on NPM.
Once you run codeque in project root, you will see simple terminal code editor where you can type query.
Type your query like you do in CodeQue playground and hit ctrl+s to execute the search.
Then you will see a results list. If you are on Mac, or you are using VSCode integrated terminal, you can click on the file names with Cmd/Ctrl. They act as links and should open a finding in your editor!
You can also use codeque binary in non-interactive mode to assert some findings in your project.
For example to ensure there are no console logs
codeque –query “console.log()” –invertExitCode
This will return non-zero exit code if any console.logs will be found.
Another cool feature is searching by entry point.
codeque –entry file.js will run search over files that are imported by file.js

What's next?

Function-wise this beta release will not be much different to the official release.
I don’t plan to add any new functionalities except some bug fixes.
After official release I will start working VSCode extension
I’m moving forward by doing really small steps, so it will be very basic at the begging, but I believe using CodeQue in more interactive environment will be super cool!
That will be my first VSCode extension, I hope to learn a lot!

Wrapping up

I will try to update you more frequently via newsletter now.
Expect not only reports about product development, but also some insights about my journey into becoming indie hacker and entrepreneur.
This is a first long written form under which I will publish my thoughts in the internet. I hope you will enjoy it and I hope to be better at writing as we go!
Have a great weekend 🤓